Welcome to DAI

matflo supply chain.pngDAI is an independent, British, IT solutions delivery company.

We will help you achieve true competitive advantage through the delivery of effective and dependable IT led solutions.

Once our solutions are engineered and delivered, to time and budget, we will guarantee to support them throughout their operational life time.

We are specialists in our sectors, with an in-depth knowledge of particular technologies, ensuring that you, our customers get the best solutions for your requirements. We always look to deliver solutions based on standard products, be that driven by Matflo, or other market leading third party offerings.

We have a hard earned reputation, as being dependable, and where appropriate innovative. Our solutions are intuitively engineered, and hence are easy to use.

We recognise the importance of a premium, around the clock, support service, that addresses operational issues as quickly as possible. We offer this. We support business critical systems across the world, from Australia through to the Americas.

Our delivered systems are frequently put forward for industry awards or recommendations, either in their own right or as a key component of a larger total solution. Rather uniquely in the markets we work in, we are privately owned with a flat corporate structure and hence are able to make decisions quickly.